Internal Rules of Tartu International Daycare

  1. The daycare is open from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  2. If possible avoid arriving/leaving during the activities/morning circle.
  3. The daycare is closed on public holidays. On the day before a public holiday, we are open until 2 p.m.
  4. The child who attends the daycare should be well. Contagious or infectious diseases might pose a threat to the other children and staff members. Children, who are ill cannot attend daycare. The teachers have the right not to accept children with visible signs of illness (eye infection, rash, seriously runny nose, serious coughing, fever, vomiting). After vomiting or illness at least 24 hours need to have passed before the child can attend the daycare again.
  5. If the child or close family member (a parent, brother, sister) has caught a contagious disease, please make sure to inform the daycare about it.
  6. We will never give any medicine to children in the daycare.
  7. Please let us know if the child gets ill or cannot come to the daycare for some other reason. It is necessary that you inform us before the child returns to the daycare because of food order, preparing teaching materials.
  8. Parents have to make sure that their child has suitable clothes for daily outdoor play.
  9. Keep another set of clothes at the daycare in case the child´s clothes get dirty or wet.
  10.  Provide your child with bed sheets, little pillow, a blanket, pyjamas or  a T-shirt.
  11.  If your child is still using diapers, please make sure that there is a sufficient stock of diapers, wet wipes etc. available in the daycare.
  12.  In the daycare premises, proper inside footwear is worn.
  13.  It is recommended to add a name tag to the child´s personal belongings.
  14.  The daycare is not responsible for the loss or damage of the child´s personal toys.
  15.  Please also let us know if someone other than the mother or father is going to pick your child up from the daycare. We will not hand the child over to a stranger or a minor.
  16.  All extra program events have to be agreed and set with the daycare leader and usually these events are held after the daycare working hours. In case during the working hours, the staff working at that time is not responsible of organising and leading the event. Detailed guidelines regarding birthday parties are available at our website (under programme and policies.
  17.  Once the parent is on the daycare premises, he or she is responsible for his/her child wellbeing respecting the daycare rules as well.
  18.  Parking in the driveway and on the parking area across the street is not permitted. Please park your car on the street.