Internal Rules of Tartu International Kindergarten are

Internal Rules of Tartu International Kindergarten



  1. Tartu International Kindergarten is open from 8.00 a.m.  to  5.30 p.m, from Monday to Friday.
  • The kindergarten is closed on public holidays.
  • On the day before a public holiday, the kindergarten is open until 2.30. p.m.
  • The principal of the kindergarten has a right to join the groups (during summer months, holidays, before  a public holiday) if it’s needed.
  • The kindergarten is closed for 4 weeks in summer for a staff holiday.
  1. A parent should pick up the child at least 15 minutes before the closing of the kindergarten so that there’s time to dress the child and speak to the teacher if needed.
  2.  Please let us know, if the child gets ill or cannot come to the kindergarten for some other reason.

If you are contact the teachers during the activities, it’s best to send an SMS .

  1. If possible try to avoid arriving/ leaving during the activities/morning circle. (Please try to be here before the activities start, at 9.15).
  2.  Please let us know if someone other than the mother or father is going to pick up your child from the kindergarten. We will not hand the child over to a stranger or a minor.



  1. Parents will make sure that their child has suitable clothes for daily  indoor and outdoor play.
  2. In the kindergarten premises, proper inside footwear (non-slippery) are worn, preferably shoes that the child can put on/ take off  himself/herself.
  3. For playing outside please provide the child with clothes which can be soiled without causing problems.
  4. Please keep extra clothing and socks or stockings in the kindergarten for emergencies.
  5. In order to avoid accidental swapping of clothes and footwear mark them with your child’s name.



  1. Kindergarten offers lunch and afternoon snack.
  2. Kindergarten does not offer a morning snack. Children should have breakfast at home. If the child wants to eat his or her own morning snack in the kindergarten the child should be at the kindergarten at 9 a.m. at the latest.
  3. Please notify the teachers if the child is allergic to any food.
  4. The child can be excluded from lunch from the third day of his/her absence.
  5. An invoice for kindergarten meals is issued to the parents once a month (if not agreed differently).



  1. Children are allowed to bring toys to the kindergarten according to their group rules.
  2. Kindergarten teachers are not responsible for the loss or damage of the child’s personal toys.
  3. For the quiet hour/sleeping time and educative games (puzzle, books etc), children can also bring a soft toy every day.
  4. Children are not allowed to bring the following items /toys to the kindergarten:
  • Any kind of military toys ( such as guns, knives)
  • Money, phones, I-Pads.
  1. Bringing your own toys to the kindergarten means that other children can also play with them.
  2. Tartu International Kindergarten general guidelines for celebrating birthdays in kindergarten:
  • The party should  last maximum an hour, the best time to have it is between 15:00 and 16:00. An hour is quite enough for a small celebration on our premises (children can eat the cake and play).
  • Balloons and other decorations are allowed, as long as the parent/parents blow and put them up themselves.
  • We also expect the parents to  clean up after the party is finished.
  • If you want to have an entertainer come and visit the daycare, please discuss this with the teachers (what kind of entertainer could it be? What could the entertainer do? etc.).
  • The party in the kindergarten should be only for friends in the kindergarten.



  1. A child attending  the kindergarten should be well.
  2. A sick child must stay at home. Please do not bring a sick child to the Kindergarten! Rhinitis is also an illness.
  3. If a child gets ill while at kindergarten, we will immediately inform his/her parents about it. If necessary, we will offer first aid.
  4. Teachers have the right not to accept children with visible signs of illnesses (eye infection, rash, seriously runny nose, serious coughing, fever, vomiting).
  5. After vomiting or illness at least 24 hours needs to have passed before the child can attend the kindergarten again.
  6. If the child or a close family member (a parent, brother, sister) has caught a contagious disease, please make sure to inform the kindergarten about it.
  7. We will not give any medicine  to the children in the kindergarten.
  • If the child must use any medications during the school day (prescribed by the doctor), this medication shall be handed to the child’s  group  teacher. The package of the medicine needs to include the following information: child’s name, medication name, reason for taking the medication, frequency, amount, and exact time of day for taking the medicine. The parent must give written permission for giving any kind of medicine to the children by a teacher during the kindergarten day. Otherwise, the teacher shall not give medicine to the child.
  1. If a child needs special care because of  allergies, diabetics, asthma, etc., teachers and the principal should be informed about it.
  2. Kindergarten has to be notified about any physical or mental special need that might affect daily kindergarten life (for example anxiety, ADHD etc).



  1. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for making sure that children do not go outside of the kindergarten premises alone.
  2. During the quiet hour/sleeping time, one teacher is in the same room with children.
  3. Children are outside twice a day (in the morning from 10.30-12/12.30 and  in the afternoon 16-17.30). During the winter time, children are outside at least once a day.
  4. The daily outdoor playtime of the kindergarten is cancelled or shortened to 20 minutes in case:
  • the chill factor is lower than – 20 °C
  • the air temperature is lower than -15 °C

The policy is applied according to the air temperature and chill factor published daily on Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.

  1. Parking or dropping off the children is not allowed in the kindergarten grounds (area with pavement stones) for safety reasons. There are some parking places available for staff members and service vehicles (food, garbage, school bus, maintenance).
  2. When a child is being aggressive and  shows often unexpected behaviour  (is a threat to his/her group mates safety), the kindergarten has  a right to place a temporary ban on that child’s participation in the kindergarten day.



  1. We kindly ask that information concerning the child’s day (eating, sleeping, participation in activities, time of going home) has been given to the teacher by a parent.
  2. Good co-operation between parents and teachers is a good basis for the integration of children and will make them feel secure in the kindergarten.
  3. In autumn and in spring, you as parents have an opportunity to have a longer conversation with the teacher about your child’s development and achievements.
  4. The parent who represents  his/her group of parents,   forwards  the  ideas/opinions to the principal.
  5. Parents will be notified about the upcoming events, study plans, etc. through emails.
  6. Please do not hesitate to ask the teachers and the principal of the  kindergarten for any advice or assistance you may need. If there is anything that annoys you, please tell us openly about it.
  7. We will keep you informed about events and topical issues in the kindergarten using the display stand. The weekly schedule, the menu for the week and teachers’ phone numbers are also all available on the display stand.



  1. Provide your child with bed sheet, a little pillow, a blanket, and pyjamas or a t-shirt.
  2. Parents will wash them  at the end of the month or according to the need.
  3. If your child is still using diapers, please make sure that there is a sufficient stock of diapers and wet wipes available in kindergarten.
  4. Please make sure that your child has a comb or a brush in the kindergarten (especially if the child has long hair).