Tartu International Kindergarten policies regarding weather conditions and outdoor activities/playtime:

  • the daily outdoor playtime of the Kindergarten is cancelled or shortened to 20 minutes in case:
  • the chill factor is lower than – 20 °C
  • the air temperature is lower than -15 °C

The policy is applied according to the air temperature and chill factor published daily on Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute official website (current location and time is considered).


Tartu International Kindergarten general guidelines for celebrating birthdays in the Kindergarten: 

  • the party should  last maximum an hour, the best time to have it is between 15:00 and 16:00. An hour is quite enough for a small celebration at our premises (children can eat the cake and play).
  • balloons and other decorations are allowed, as long as the parent/parents blow and put them up themselves.We also expect the parents to  clean up after the party is finished.
  • if you want to have an entertainer to come and visit the daycare, please speak through about it with the teachers (what kind of entertainer it could be? What could the entertainer do? etc )
  • because the small party takes place during the day in our daycare, we can not have other quests outside our daycare. The party in the daycare should be only for friends in the daycare.