The staff in academic year 2017-2018

 Kärt Mõttus


Origin: I come from a small village near Võru. After finishing high school, I moved to Tartu to study in the university. During my studies I spent a year in Norway, as an au pair, which was a wonderful experience learning about different cultures and people.

Language: I am a native Estonian speaker and I am fluent in English, but I can also understand a bit of German and Norwegian.

About: Before joining our daycare I worked as an English and Estonian teacher. Working with children can be challenging at times, but most of the time it’s incredibly rewarding. If anything, I feel it gives me a lot of positive energy and it sure never gets boring.


Kristi1653Kristi Kandima

Group teacher

Origin: I was born and raised in a small town of Kuressaare on a big island called Saaremaa.
As far as I know my family has lived in Saaremaa for many generations. When I finished high school in Kuressaare, I knew right away that Tartu is the city for me, so I came here to study.

Language: Estonian is my mother tongue, but I am also fluent in  and I speak a little bit German. English

About: I’ve always loved working with children but it was this summer when I was working as a youth worker in Kuressaare
I realized, that playing a part in a child’s emotional and academic development and seeing them grow is an amazing feeling.
That is why I am so happy to be a part of this small family. Currently I am doing my BA in theatre research and in physiology in the University of Tartu.
I’ve been dancing and singing since I was a little girl and I’ve always been fond of theater. I can’t wait to connect all these three of my hobbies
in Drama club.






Greta Tohv – Group teacher









SiljaSilja OrasGroup teacher

Origin: I was born in Tartu and have lived here all my life. I have studied Estonian literature in Tartu University years ago and now I`m once again I’m a student acquiring knowledge in educational sciences` department of Tallinn University. I studied in Music class during my high school,  and I  am still very much into it.

Languages: I`m native Estonian speaker, but  I can speak also English and Russian, I`ve learnt Norwegian and Italian in brief courses, so I can understand a little bit.

About: I worked for 6 years in a private daycare before joining International Daycare in 2016. This very educating and joyful time there made me understand how satisfying can it be to work with children, how much energy and wisdom they can give you. A teacher in the university  told me once that one of teacher`s most important task is to help a child to create a positive me-picture and opinion about themselves. This may be the foundation of everything the child  achieves in the future. That is what I try to do here, among everything else. 






Liis Pariis – Group teacher









Hasso Paap

Sport’s teacher

I was born in Viljandi but raised in Vändra – this is a small village in southwest of Estonia. After finishing the high school in 2001, I came to Tartu in order to start my university studies in Tartu University. There I studied sports and physical education. At the moment I am working as a trainer and a teacher, but I have also worked in a sports shop. My passion is sports and long distance running. I hope that I can transfer some of my passion to my students too!





Vesta Voltein

Music teacher

I was born and raised in Tartu. In 1992 I moved to Tallinn to study in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and I lived there for 8 years. Since 2000 I am back in Tartu. My mother tongue is Estonian and I speak English and Russian as well. I love Music. Children too. Let’s sing and play! The choir or the band- music is fun!





Sander Lange assistant teacher


Daiga Parsova

Latvian pre-school teacher